Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Google Drawing...Google Slides...Science and Third Grade

Happy New Year! This week I have had the opportunity to revisit with a teacher that I worked with last year, Eleni Pallogudis, and her third grade class.  Last year when we worked together we
Created a journal or day by day log using Google Presentation.  This year she had already begun working on the project with the students when I came to work with the class.

This year we decided to add an additional piece into the Google Slideshow, Google Drawing.  Students were required to draw what their seed looked like before it germinated as well as identify the different parts of the seed.  

The students created their Google Drawings and then downloaded them as JPEG's onto the Chromebooks.  

Once the JPEG's were downloaded the students opened their Google Slides and imported their pictured into the Google Slide show.

The students are having a great time with this project and will continue with their logs over the next month.  The students know how to use the camera on the Chromebook to take pictures, import them into Google Slides, use Google Drawing AND MORE!! 

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