Saturday, January 16, 2016

Emerging Technologies - .gif creator and Geogreeting

Sometimes the best tool for the job is not a Google tool! This week I was able to interact with Lauren Wolman's 5th grade class from Rye Neck's F.E. Bellows Elementary School and see some of the ways they used a .gif creator and Geogreetings to complete their spelling and vocabulary homework as well as learn about their science terms.

AbcYa Animate

ABCYa Animate MIGHT be one of my new favorite sites. Although the site may look limited and a little "babyish" it is FAR from it!! Students are able to created animated pictures through templated backgrounds, pre-designed characters and sprites, or import as well as draw their own designs.

These "pictures" can then be downloaded and saved in the Google Drive as well as imported into any Google Slide or Doc.

Students were using this to "show" their knowledge of the definitions of vocabulary words.


geoGreeting is an interesting website that lets you send any message with letters made up from aerial view of buildings. Most buildings that you will find are located in the US, since the author has focused on one country. -

Here is an example of a geoGreeting that I have created for you...CLICK HERE.  geoGreetings are great ways for students to be introduced to locations around the world, geography and architecture.  Think of all the possibilities!!

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