Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Look at our YOUNGEST users!!

When I see the littlest students using chromebooks for higher level thinking I LOVE IT! 

Rye Neck - Daniel Warren 

In Rye Neck at Daniel Warren's K-2 school Leigh Ann Kowalchick has been working with the first graders on Google Slides and a Book Report on Charlotte's Web.  Now many of us may say, "Hey, that's easy." But look how effectively these students wrote about each aspect of the novel, while also creating clean, visual, presentations 

 Google Slide show on Charlotte's Web   
Google Slide show on Talking about "Charlotte's Web"    Google Slide show on Charlotte's Web Talk                                                 

Ramapo - Sloatsburg 

In Eleni Palogudis's class, the third grade students created a plant log using Google Slides as well but they also used the camera feature to take pictures of their plants throughout the plant life cycle.  Students also used Google Drawing to draw what their seeds looked like in the beginning of the plant cycle as well as the camera feature to identify their slides and seeds.

Hydroponic Planting in 3-PR's Class                                                                     Seeds 2016

Do you have an interesting project? 

Are you working on an interesting project? Are you or your students using Google in a non traditional way? Email and share! Invite me into your classroom! 

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