Sunday, November 22, 2015

Google Drawing...OH the possibilities!!!

Google Drawing in FACS 

I often have the opportunity to work with teachers on a variety of projects.  This week I worked with several teachers on Google Drawing projects.  The main project this week was with Gayle Yodowitz a FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) teacher at SMS.  She wanted her students to demonstrate through pictures and words "events in their lives and other aspects of their identity through texts and images."

We created a template and I came into the class and demonstrated how to use Google Drawing.  I showed students the Research tool (not just for images), masking images, grouping, drawing lines, .gifs, Word Art, text and text boxes, flipping names, creating mirror images, etc.

Students had a great time but also learned many skills that will cross over into Google Slides and/or Google Docs.

Who Am I - Template 


Who am I - Demo 


Google Drawing in Science

I worked with Ashley Connington, a 6th grade Science teacher in Suffern Middle School, also to discuss how she can integrate Google Draw into an assignment with her students. Throughout December, the students will be researching, in partners, outer space and planets in all scientific aspects (including scientific name, distance from the sun, number of moons, temperature, surface of the planet, etc.).  Students will be required to describe all aspects of these scientific features through different media including presentations, Google slides, etc.

Ashley also wanted to have the students learning how to use Google Draw, as there are many parts of this project that can be completed through Draw and she wanted them to see how they can integrate this tool into their other classes as well.

We thought, as we will be meeting and working with the students just before the winter break that our assignment would be two fold:

  1. Students will have to research their planet and find an image that demonstrates what the surface of their planet looks like....AND DESCRIBE IT!! 
  2. Students will write and/or use images to state what their goals are for the 2016 school year. By infusing a self reflection piece into an assignment such as this, it seems less daunting.

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