Monday, December 7, 2015

Teacher Highlights: Greg Smith and Beverly Levine

This past week I had two fantastic opportunities to work with students and teachers on GMail, Google Calendar, Google Classroom and Google Sheets.


Teacher - Greg Smith 

Class - Senior College Study Skills

Last Wednesday, I worked with Greg Smith's Senior College Study Skills class at Hastings on Hudson High School.  The class had an array of great questions ranging from the Google Classroom Stream and Filtering to Google Calendar and how they can show and hide different calendars.  They also wanted to know how to create different events on the calendars as well as be able to personalize notifications of events. They were also quite excited about being about to personalize Filters in GMail


Teacher - Beverly Levine 

Class- Viola 5th Grade 

In Beverly Levine's 5th grade Class we were working on Independent and Dependent Variables with regards to a Flipper Data Chart, a rubber stopper and Pennies.  The students had to graph their information using Google Sheets, determining the X and the Y axis.  This was a difficult task and the students learned many other valuable tasks in between.

  • Digital Citizenship and Literacy - Whatever you do and post on the computer will stay there forever.  Someone at some point in time COULD retrieve it if they tried hard enough. 
  • People Make Mistakes.... - In the template I created for the students, I made a mistake.  I like when I make mistakes in front of students and staff because: 
    • A. It shows that I am still learning and am always learning 
    • B. We are all people and we are all fallible
  • ...YET People are Smarter Than Computers- People are smarter than computers because people are the ones who CREATE the computers; and although the computers are meant to help and ease your life, we always need to remember that we will always need people to create the computers (as computers do not create themselves...yet).

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