Tuesday, May 19, 2015

SMS - May 19, 2015

Many different things happening today at SMS!

Migration of Files and Folders

Just as a reminder, here is the Migration of Files and Folders Document to assist you with a smooth migration and the ability for YOU to upload and transfer your own files and folders to the Google Drive.

Google Classroom About Page Resource Document or Folder

The Google Classroom About page is a great location to add web links and folders for students to easily access (and for you to easily add information to). Here's how!  

Google Drive and Math

I know some teachers have their hesitations with Google Drive in the Math classroom BUT, there are some GREAT ways to use the tool, ranging from g(Math) to Google Slides and Drawing.  On April 16, I wrote a blog post about ways to integrate Google Docs with Math.  Courtney Steffens, at Cherry Lane, has been doing some fantastic and interesting work with her students through the use of Google Slides when introducing her Geometry Unit.  The end goal was for students to create their own tessellations using the shapes tool in Google Drawing.  This then led up to her teaching perimeter and area.  

Google Sites 

I have been working with many people on Google Sites.  As this has been a continuous topic of need I have created three help videos:

How to Create a NEW Google Site

Editing and Adding Pictures to Your Google Site

Navigation Bar, Editing Pages, Adding Pages, Etc.

Another great site that I like to refer to is 

Google Training Site

Some people were asking, "How do I learn the basics when you are not around?" and "I want to be able to learn some of this on my own?" The Google for Education Training Site has a wealth of knowledge on it. This is a great place NOT just for beginners but for those wanting to learn MORE about Google Apps for Education and those wanted to work their way through becoming a Google Educator.   

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