Wednesday, May 27, 2015

TEDX "Lucky is a Lie", Problem Solving and CS-First

This year, W.E.Cottle Elementary School and Ramapo School District embraced the idea of computational thinking and problem solving as a core concept and began implementing Google's CS-First Coding program. What first started in one class, has now grown to two districts, multiple classes and hundreds of students in only a matter of months.  

The CS-First program is not only about teaching students about coding but predominantly about how to PROBLEM SOLVE while promoting self confidence and pride in the ability to create and succeed at a difficult task. In the next 2-5 years the job market will be flooded with over 2 million unfillable jobs and through teaching students how to PROBLEM SOLVE, these students will be able to accomplish anything. 

JaimeSue Goodman, in her opening two minutes of her TEDX, "Lucky is a Lie", references one of the students in W.E. Cottle Elementary School.  She speaks of the pride the student has when sitting at her seat, the prior knowledge the student uses when coding her "game" and opportunities the student realizes that has been opened up to her, through programming.  

Below is the TEDX Talk "Lucky is a Lie" presented by JaimeSue Goodman and the Playlist of CS-First Videos from W.E. Cottle Elementary School.  It is always wonderful to see student and teacher work recognized on a larger scale.  

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