Thursday, May 14, 2015

Google Slides and Docs Go Mobile!

Most of us live on the go! We live in a mobile world where we are on our phones or tablets more often than we are on our computers. The Google Team is continuously thinking of all the ways that we are truly living our lives too.  Therefore, having Google Docs and Slides as accessible and user friendly as possible is a necessity.  Well...last week, Google made it possible for us to add pictures to documents and presentations, from the phone or tablet. 

In Google Docs you can choose an image from your camera roll, or take a new photo and add it directly to the document. 

In Google Slides, double tap any image to crop. Although this may sound small, for anyone who has tried doing this in the past, this is a HUGE improvement! 

To access this update you MUST download the updated Docs and Slides app, now available in the Google Play and the App Store (Docs, Slides).

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