Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cherry Lane - May 12, 2015

At Cherry Lane today, we were able to talk about a large array of topics ranging from new updates in Google Classroom, Google Sites, Google Add-ons and finally how to import pictures into Google Slides on the Ipads.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom recently came out with a few new great updates.  They can be found here:

Google Classroom Mobile Updates

Google Classroom Updates: Co-teaching and Advanced Prep

Google Sites

While in Montebello on May 5, we worked on Google Sites as well.  I created some YouTube Help Videos as well as added a great help site.  All the information can be found here:

Montebello- May 5, 2015 (Google Sites)

Google Add-ons

Add-ons are typically third party programs that help or change the way that Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and/or Forms works.

Two of the add-ons that we worked with today are called Office Viewer for Drive and Drive Template Gallery.  Both of these can be found in your Google Drive under New - More - Connect More Apps.

Office Viewer for Drive 

Office viewer for Google Drive is a tool that allows you to view MS office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) directly in your Chrome.  Formatting and layout in Word documents are preserved, data in Excel workbooks can be filtered and sorted, animations play in PowerPoint presentations. Support the printing feature, and you can be downloaded as PDF format (Word only). Word and PowerPoint documents must be less than 10 megabytes. Excel must be less than five megabytes.

Drive Template Gallery

You can use the Google Drive Template Gallery to create your document, spreadsheet, presentation, or form. Whether you need a resume and cover letter, an invoice, a birthday card, or any of a wide variety of templates, our gallery can help you get your doc started.

Import Pictures from Ipad to Google Slides

The following document explains How to get photos from Ipad to Google Slides.

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