Tuesday, April 14, 2015

SMS- April 14, 2015

Today I met with a few SMS staff members and we discussed some interesting topics.

Q. How do you shorten LONG links to share?
A. There are many URL shorteners (such as Bit.ly and ow.ly) but the one that I prefer and use most often is goo.gl. I like the way that it will keep track of your link and will also create a QR code associated with your link (if one day you would like to use QR codes as well).

Q. Does Google Drive support PDF's?
A. Yes, Google Drive does support PDF's. Also if you have Google Drive on your phone you can SCAN a document into your phone directly with phone's camera! 
Scan Documents with Google Drive Android App
(You can also "Scan" Documents with Iphone by taking and uploading a picture. This will upload to the Google Drive as an image file).

Please don't forget to schedule an appointment at ramapo-sms.youcanbook.me as there are still spots available on 5/8 , 5/19, 6/2 and 6/15.

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