Friday, March 27, 2015

Viola- March 27, 2015

I had a great day at Viola yesterday. I was able to meet with a LOT of people and work on MANY topics. Due to the fact that we were on the Mac's, one MAJOR topic that we were unable to speak about was logging into the chrome browser and TRANSFERRING INTERNET EXPLORER AND/OR FIREFOX BOOKMARKS. I have added a document below that outlines how to do both of these. IF you have any questions about EITHER of these, please feel free to contact me!

To Log into the Chrome Browser and Bookmarks


How to Migrate Files and Folders to Google Drive

The last document I am adding was asked for by the Fourth Grade team. This document shows how to create a document or folder for the About section in your Google Classroom to keep a running list of websites, or a folder or documents/presentations, etc for students to easily access (rather than having a long list that students have to scroll through).

Copy of Google Classroom - About - Resource document (or folder)

Finally, below are a list and short description of some of the topics we discussed during the meetings yesterday. I am looking forward to working with you all in the future. Thank you for your time and patience yesterday!

Google Drive

Google Draw

  • Great robust tool for creating flow charts, story boards, Venn Diagrams, and any graphic organizer you can think of! 
    • Quick Hint: If the Draw Space is too small, pull out from the bottom right corner until your work mat space is big enough for you to use! 

Research Tool

  • This can be found in Docs, Draw and Presentation 
  • To access the research tool click Tools-Research
  • The research tool is useful because it helps students search the web, images, videos, maps, quotes, etc. Drag and drop will embed items and you can preview sites before you go to them. 

Word Art

  • This can be found in Docs, Draw and Presentation 
  • To access the Word Art tool click Insert-Word Art
  • Once you type your word(s) click enter. 
  • Change your font by clicking Arial (or your current font name and change it) 
  • Change your inner color by clicking the paint can and choose your color 
  • Change your outer line color by clicking pencil tool and choose your color 
  • Change your outer line weight by clicking on three lines (from largest to smallest) and choose your thickness 
  • You can also choose your outer line design (if you want a straight line, dotted, dashed, etc) by clicking the line, dash and dotted tool and choose your style. 

Google Docs

  • Revision History- File-Revision History allows you to see the past history of the document (also who has made changes throughout the document). 
  • Make a Copy- File-Make a Copy allows you to make a copy of a document. This is useful when you have a template and you need to make copies of the original document (i.e. IST, CSE, Meeting forms, etc.) 

Google Classroom

  • Adding assignments, announcements, using comments, how to manage classroom, how to add students, and about page. 
If you have any further questions or concerns that we did not "get" to, please feel free to email me at

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