Saturday, March 28, 2015

Tuckahoe Goes Google --- NO --- Tuckahoe's GOING TO Google!!

​I am VERY excited to announce that Merrily Besvinick's 5th grade class has been chosen to visit Google in NYC as part of the work they have been doing with CS-First.  Dr. Besvinick's class became very excited about coding after they participated in the Hour of Code. Merrily and I sat and tried to think of a way we could incorporate Coding into a weekly part of the students' day. (In the January 16 post entitled "CS-First, Scratch, Fifth Grade and Coordinate Geometry", you can read more about what we created and the work the students, Dr. Besvinick and I were doing with the students.)

On May 1, Dr. Besvinick's students will spend the entire morning at Google in NYC. The day will include:
  • A tour of the Google office
  • A panel of speakers who talk about what it's like to work at Google
  • The opportunity for some students to showcase their project to a larger audience
This will be an opportunity of a lifetime for some of these students and true authentic learning and instruction. I have started a YouTube Playlist taking short video clips of student's asking them just three questions (sometimes more probing questions once I am with each individual student):
  • What did you do?
  • Why did you do it?
  • Do you like Coding?
The level of detail in response to some of these questions are fantastic! Also in the YouTube Videos I have linked the "Games" the students have created in the description below the video (you will have to open the videos below in YouTube' to access the students' games).  

Congratulations Tuckahoe Students, Dr. Besvinick, and Tuckahoe Administration for assisting in making this all happen.  I look forward to seeing the look on the eyes of these students as they walk in to the building and they see the big GOOGLE sign and realize they are standing in GOOGLE NYC Headquarters!!

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