Monday, March 30, 2015

SHS-March 30, 2015

Good Afternoon SHS staff. I had a great day at the HS working with many teachers as well as the Math department after school!

Don't forget that the Migration will be taking place from April 13 to April 24. During this time "Migration support at each building will include the following":
  • Staff will be instructed on how to move and convert files to Google apps 
  • Staff will be given the procedures for use at a convenient time 
  • Staff email will be routed to .net so that all .org and .net email will be in a single location 
  • Staff will be assisted with mobile device configuration as needed. 
  • Students will be auto-migrated
Just as a reminder to book an appointment with me please go to Appointments are filling up FAST and there are only a few slots left in May. Please sign up for an appointment if you would like to meet!

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