Tuesday, March 24, 2015

SMS- March 24, 2015

What a great day at SMS! Today I worked with many staff members on some very cool and important topics. If you want to schedule or book an appointment don't forget to go to ramapo-sms.youcanbook.me.

Google Chrome!!!

  • If you have do not know how to log onto the Chrome Browser PLEASE LOOK AT THIS DOCUMENT!! (This is different than logging into Google Apps- Drive, Gmail, etc.)​

​Google Drive

  • Migrating Documents 
    • Migrating documents (but not until they are in organized in folders) - This makes the migration MUCH easier and user friendly! 
    • ALSO .... BEFORE YOU BEGIN MIGRATING DOCUMENTS, make sure you log into Google Drive and in the top right corner you will see a cog/wheel. Click this then settings. Click "Convert Documents to Google Docs Editor Format" BEFORE YOU BEGIN YOUR UPLOADS...Then Click Done!! Now all documents uploaded into Google Drive will AUTOMATICALLY be converted into the correct Google Apps Format! 

Google Draw

  • Great robust tool for creating flow charts, story boards, Venn Diagrams, and any graphic organizer you can think of! 
    • Quick Hint: If the Draw Space is too small, pull out from the bottom right corner until your work mat space is big enough for you to use!

Research Tool

  • To access the research tool click Tools-Research (this can be found in both Docs and Presentation) 
  • The research tool is useful because it helps students search the web, images, videos, maps, quotes, etc, will embed items and, if you want, will cite where you found your research with footnote citations! 


  • There are DIFFERENT add-ons for Google Docs, Sheets and Forms. 
  • Once you add an add-on your NEVER HAVE TO ADD IT AGAIN (it will always be there to use). 
  • If you want to delete an add on, click Add-ons, manage add-ons, find the add-on you want to delete, click manage and then remove. 
  • Easy-Bib - a great tool for assisting students in creating Bibliographies directly in the document and embedding a Works Cited Page at the end of the document. 

Google Template Gallery

  • Click on New -> More -> Connect more apps and then type in Template in the top right corner 
  • DRIVE TEMPLATE GALLERY will be the first to appear. Click Connect - OK! - Then you will be back on the Drive homescreen 
  • Click on New -> More -> from template, and you will see the template gallery! 
  • MAKE SURE YOU SEARCH WITHIN THE PUBLIC TEMPLATES (or you will not come up with any search results) 
  • If you like a template click "Use this Template" and it will be added to your Google Drive for you to use, modify and share with whom ever you would like! 


  • Flippity.net - Great site that shows how to to create flashcards with pictures, videos and Jeopardy with spreadsheets. VERY EASY!! 
  • More info on Flippity
  • Videonot.es a site where you can embed a video and students can take notes right there (and save it in their Google Drive). Each note then links to a specific time in the Video.

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