Monday, March 23, 2015

SHS- March 23, 2015

What a great day at SHS! Today I worked with many staff members on several important topics. If you want to schedule or book an appointment with me please go to

Google Chrome!!!

If you have do not know how to log onto the Chrome Browser PLEASE LOOK AT THIS DOCUMENT!! (This is different than logging into Google Apps- Drive, Gmail, etc.)​

To Log into the Chrome Browser and Bookmarks

Google Drive

  • Migrating Documents 
    • Migrating documents (but not until they are in organized in folders) - This makes the migration MUCH easier and user friendly! 
    • ALSO .... BEFORE YOU BEGIN MIGRATING DOCUMENTS, make sure you log into Google Drive and in the top right corner you will see a cog/wheel. Click this then settings. Click "Convert Documents to Google Docs Editor Format" BEFORE YOU BEGIN YOUR UPLOADS...Then Click Done!! Now all documents uploaded into Google Drive will AUTOMATICALLY be converted into the correct Google Apps Format! 



  • - Great site that shows how to to create flashcards with pictures, videos and jeopardy with spreadsheets. VERY EASY!! 
  • More info on Flippity
  • - useful for creating quizzes that can be self paced, teacher directed, game like, exit tickets, etc. Also great because you can get student data and that can be directed to the Google Drive. 
  • Kahoot - Fun "Game Show" like site where the teacher can create questions for students to answer. 
  • More info on Socrative and Kahoot
If you have any further questions feel free to contact me at

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