Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Google Cardboard

On Saturday I recieved my Google Cardboard in the mail.  Now some of you may be thinking "Hmm did she really say Cardboard?" YES!! This was a promotional item distributed at the Google Developers Conference this past summer and I was wondering about this myself.  Google Cardboard is a simple fun and inexpensive way to experience VR (virtual reality).  If you want to create it yourself, Google gives the template and even links to suppliers for the items that you will need (most supplies you will have or can get locally...other than lenses) or buy it online for the low, low cost of $3.17!!

Google Cardboard!! 
This is a great, fun and innovative experience.  I was floored by the graphics and the experience (as has been everyone that has used it thus far).  Most of the apps are free (but it has been built and developed mostly for the Android platform (here is some information about Google Cardboard and Iphones).  
Now the question is, what is the educational value in a device such as this? HUGE!! Start with the cardboard...this can be a school wide recycling project.  Then the students can decorate and create their cardboard in Art class (also remember, Google Cardboard doesn't necessarily need to be made out of cardboard!! Be creative! What can you make yours out of?) Then bring the inquiry based learning back into the mainstream classroom.  
Without the phone inside
  • Science- There is a magnet on the side- Why is that there? What does it do? (Hint: NFC - Near Field Communication)
  • Math and Science- How does the device work? Why do the lenses need to be 45mm lenses? 
  • Social Studies: Google Maps Street View
  • English: Write about your experiences! Blog about it! Present about it!    

Insert Face Here!

What are your thoughts??

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