Friday, January 16, 2015

Google Cardboard: Curricular Integration

So anyone who has been following my blog saw last week's post about my new "toy/device" GOOGLE CARDBOARD.

Insert Face Here!! 

I have been really tinkering and trying to understand the in's and out's of this device as well as how this can be used and integrated into the classroom environment.  I think there are a multitude of ways (as I previously stated in my last post) but I have continued learning over the past week.

I created a document "Google Cardboard: Notes for Facilitating Purposeful Educational Experiences" with a variety of information on Google Cardboard as well as how to use Google Maps in the classroom.  Think about the explorations that you can go on!

Imagine taking a student to the depths of the Ocean to SHOW them the coral reefs and have them see and discover what they look like...Look for yourself.

Great Barrier Reef

Now imagine a student from a Caribbean island being able to see snow for the first time, IN VIRTUAL REALITY...what might that experience be like from someone that had never experienced it before? 

Snow in Switzerland

Finally, I've never been to Alaska to experience the Northern Lights, have you? Well now you can! 

Northern Lights, Alaska

Unfortunately, these are all still images and nothing like what you can experience with Google Cardboard and Google Maps.  

Now let's say you want your students to create their own Photospheres (360º view of a location)? Just make sure you have an Android phone (Jelly bean 4.1 or higher), Google Camera and PS Viewer for Google cardboard and you are all set! Have the students (or you) create your Photosphere in Google Camera . Swipe right and you will see a list of options on the left side for what type of picture you would like to take (i.e. Photosphere, Panaroma, Lens Blur, Camera or Video).  Click on Photosphere and follow the prompt for creating your photosphere ("To start, keep dot inside circle").  When you are done to view your Photosphere in Google Cardboard (VR), open PS Viewer for Google cardboard (remember this is still in Beta). If you only have one Photosphere it will automatically open, if you have more than one you can tilt your head to the right until you find the Photosphere that you would like to look at.

VOILA! You have now created your own Photosphere! 

Other ideas for curricular integration? Tell us here! 

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