Thursday, December 18, 2014

December 15-19 - Extensions!!

Google is constantly coming out with new and interesting extensions to help enhance and alleviate our lives.  One issue that I have (and notice many others have) is sometimes finding the nine dot apps panel (or trying to find out how to get back there).  The Apps Launcher on Chrome Web Store (when added to Chrome) will add a nine dot panel to Chrome (that will always be there as long as you are signed into Chrome).  This will show you everything that you have downloaded from the Chrome Web Store that is an app (as well as Google Docs, Gmail, Google Drive, etc.)

If you would like a different way of being able to organize your bookmarks, try "Bookmark Manager on Chrome Web Store" (use the link below as it is not searchable on the Chrome Web Store)

Key features include:
  • One click save with image thumbnail and notes
  • Folder suggestions when bookmarking pages 
  • Improved search scans page content for matches
  • Bookmarks automatically organized by topic
  • Public sharing features
  • Archives ‘dead links’

Bookmark Manager on Chrome Web Store
When you bookmark a site now, it will say "Bookmarked" (1) and also give you the option to "trash" (2) the bookmark as well.  At this point you can change any of the descriptions of the bookmarks including: the title name (3), the site description (4), change the URL (5), add to a folder (6) or even view all bookmarked items (7).

If you click on "View All Bookmarked Items" you will see a page that looks very similar to your Google Drive page...We can almost consider this Google Drive for Bookmarks! 

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