Monday, June 8, 2015

Chrome Web Store Apps - Featured Apps and Collections

The Chrome Web Store is a great, robust place to find new and interesting tools to use in your classroom; and the great thing about the Chrome Web Store is that they are always changing the way they arrange their tools.

When you log into the Chrome Web Store they currently list Featured Apps, or Collections of Apps.


The featured apps typically coincide with different times of the year (i.e. "Ace your Exam" for Testing, "For Music Lovers" for Summer Break, etc.)

In the "Ace your Exam" collection, there are many great Apps and Extensions for study skills and review, but also for the Core Subjects, including:

These apps and more are very useful and may be ones that you, and your students, may want to avail yourself to as they are ending the year and studying for their finals, Regents and APs.   

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