Thursday, April 2, 2015

RP Connor- April 2, 2015

What a great day at RP Connor. Some staff are still having difficulty remembering how to log into the Chrome Browser therefore I have attached a document that will walk you through the steps on how to log in. Just as a reminder THIS IS ONLY FOR LOGGING INTO PCs AND Mac's.

From now on, log in using the "Triangle" visual. This is a visual you can think of when logging into the Chrome Browser. By logging into a NEW TAB...then Clicking on APPS (on the left) and then LOG INTO CHROME (on the right) creates the shape of a TRIANGLE (similar to the GOOGLE DRIVE symbol)​.

To Log into the Chrome Browser and Bookmarks

Another topic that was discussed and covered in many sessions was uploading and migrating files and folders to the Google Drive. Below is another document outlining the steps on how you can do this on your own.

How to Migrate Files and Folders to Google Drive

The last document I am adding here is one requested by the fourth grade teachers but can be used by any teacher using Google Classroom. This document discusses how to add a document and or folder to the About page of your Google Classroom so that it becomes a RESOURCE PAGE of links (document) to good resources or a folder of your presentations/documents/articles/etc. that you think would be useful for the students to have access to at all times.

Copy of Google Classroom - About - Resource doc...

These are not the only topics that we covered! We also covered...

Google Draw

  • Great robust tool for creating flow charts, story boards, Venn Diagrams, and any graphic organizer you can think of! (Quick Hint: If the Draw Space is too small, pull out from the bottom right corner until your work mat space is big enough for you to use!) 

Google Slides

  • Insert --> Video: Very easy way to embed YouTube videos into Google Slides/Presentations! Quick Hint: This ONLY works with YouTube videos and does NOT work in the RESEARCH function

The following tools can be found and utilized in Google Docs, Draw, Presentation/Slides

Research Tool

  • To access the research tool click Tools-Research
  • The research tool is useful because it helps students search the web, images, videos, maps, quotes, etc. Drag and drop will embed items and you can preview sites before you go to them. Quick Hint: The video part of this function does not currently work properly. To see how to embed a video look above. 

Word Art

  • Insert--> Word Art 
  • Type your word(s) click enter. 
  • Change your font by clicking Arial (or your current font name) and change it. 
    • Quick Hint: To add MORE fonts, click on the font(s) and click More Fonts... at the bottom. Choose as many fonts as you want as they will collect on the right side (under My Fonts). Then click OK at the bottom. Your fonts will now be added to your font lists in all your Google programs (Docs, Slides, Draw, etc.). 
  • Change your inner color by clicking the paint can and choose your color 
  • Change your outer line color by clicking pencil tool and choose your color 
  • Change your outer line weight by clicking on three lines (from largest to smallest) and choose your thickness 
  • You can also choose your outer line design (if you want a straight line, dotted, dashed, etc) by clicking the line, and choose your style. 
IF you see a topic above that you think would be of interest to you for our next session please make note of it and we can work on it then! BE AWARE!! ALL THE TOPICS ABOVE CAN ALSO BE UTILIZED BY STUDENTS K/1-5!! THEY CAN DO IT!!

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