Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ramapo Resources!!

There has been a lot of great work happening throughout the district this week particularly focused around Google Classroom!! Don't forget some of the great NEW features that Google Classroom came out with recently.  Also, I have put together a folder on the Google Drive entitled PD Documents and shared it with the entire district that includes a variety of documents that may be of interest to you.

Some of the documents (and sub-folders) include information such as:
Please avail yourself to these resources as they might be useful to you now or at a later date.  If you would like to add the ENTIRE PD Documents folder to your Google Drive:

  • Click on PD Documents 
  • Click on Open in Drive 
    • You will then see a Yellow pop up at the top that says "PD Documents has been added to Google Drive"

  • When you NOW Click on Open in Drive... 

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