Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Google Classroom Updates! Coteaching and Advanced Prep for Classes

It looks like the Google Classroom team has really been paying attention to our needs.  In today's blog post from Google Apps for Education "Teaching teams: New ways to work together in Classroom" two new GREAT updates have been released!

Google Classroom Co-Teaching Feature

So many people have been asking for this feature! Now we can teach together! To add a teacher to your Google Classroom, allowing them all the features you have as the creator (except the ability to delete the class):
  • Log into your Google Classroom
  • Click on your About page 
  • On the Left your will see INVITE TEACHER
  • Click to invite! ENJOY!!

Google Classroom Advanced Prep for Classes 

How many times did you want to create an assignment and NOT SEND IT TO THE STUDENTS YET!! NOW YOU CAN!! The Google Classroom Team listened! 

  • Begin by creating your assignment (or announcement).
  • For an ASSIGNMENT, you will be given the option to Assign or Save as Draft.
  • For an ANNOUNCEMENT, you will be given the option to Post or Save as Draft. 

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