Monday, March 16, 2015

SHS- March 16, 2015

Today, I worked with teachers at the High School. We had a great time and focused on the following topics:

The Google Drive

  • How to Migrate Files and Folders 
  • Sharing documents - with an individual or the entire district - edit, view or comment options 
  • Creating/Removing documents and folders 
  • Changing colors of folders 
  • Moving folders/documents from shared to My Drive 

Google Docs for Math

  • Add-ons - g(math) 
  • Insert - equation 
Overall, everyone left feeling accomplished, happy and wanting to make another appointment. Throughout the rest of this year and next year, we can work together in a variety of settings/situations such as:
  • Working with you in individual (or group sessions) 
  • Modeling a skill or strategy for you and/or your students (i.e. demo class lessons) 
  • Offering support in finding effective ways and tools to integrate the curriculum with technology 
  • Observing how you are integrating Google apps OR OTHER EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES into your classes 
  • Observing how you are NOT using Google (and or technology) and giving feedback or ideas as where/how you can integrate a variety of tools 
Two departments have taken the initiative to schedule meetings (Foreign Language and Math) to work on some of these Google skills and strategies. I look forward to working with the rest of you throughout the year. To book an appointment....

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