Thursday, February 19, 2015

Google Classroom About Page - Resource Documents and/or Folders

The Google Classroom About page is a great place to put extra resources for your students that you don't want to get lost in the classroom stream.  Many teachers have asked how to most effectively organize the information on resource page to groups resources by subject or unit.  I don't believe there is a BEST way but I have come up with two ways that can effectively organize the information: either through a Document with a list of sites and locations to access other documents/links to the web/videos/etc. OR a folder where you can place documents/other folders/presentations/etc.

Below explain both ways to incorporate either a running document or running folder on your resource page.

How to create a
Google Classroom About Document Page 

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 3.46.55 PM.png

How to create a
Google Classroom About Folder 

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 3.49.16 PM.png

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