Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tech Tuesday - January 20, 2015

MESMS January 20, 2015

Topic: 7:50-10:15- Google Classroom and Assessment Tools

Reference Material:

Teacher(s): Jill Proskin, Lisa Morrella, Alli Cook

Key Notes (Summary of Interesting Points): Jill, Lisa and Alli wanted to know how to create entrance and exit tickets to better work with their students.  We first began by speaking about the new roll outs with Google Classroom (Google Classroom Goes Mobile, Archive, Assignments [Mark as reviewed], etc.).  We then got into Flubaroo, Forms and Spreadsheets.  We spoke about how to create a form
  • Require Yorktown Log in
  • Collect Usernames
  • Only allow one response per username
  • Shuffle questions
  • Shuffle responses
  • Require questions
  • Change theme
  • View live form
  • Short Url
  • Embed Url in Google Classroom
  • View responses
  • Install Flubaroo (complete form with CORRECT RESPONSES)
  • Grade assignment
  • Email Grades
  • Regrade assignment (ONLY IF ASSIGNMENT DOES NOT HAVE only allow one response per username TURNED ON)

Topic: 10:15- 11:00 Drop by info session

Teacher(s): Terese Dolan

Key Notes (Summary of Interesting Points):

Google Classroom Question:
How can students still access their documents after it has been turned in? 
They CANNOT (at least not until you return it to them).
What should I do?
IF you want them to have access to the document at the same time that you can view it then do NOT have the student’s turn in the assignment! As YOU (the teacher) has created the assignment YOU retain ownership of the assignment and it has already been shared with you; THEREFORE they do not have to turn it in! Just go to your Folder in your Google Drive (The folder that is associated with the assignment) and look at the document there to see what the student is doing.  As you are the owner, you still maintain rights to revision history, and all aspects of the document!

Topic: 11:45- 2:10pm - Google Classroom and MORE

Reference Material:

Teacher(s): Marion Ricci, Mary Lou McIntosh, Julie Knickerbocker, Bernadette Gannon, Karie Purdy

Key Notes (Summary of Interesting Points):
  • Google Drive
    • Uploading files/folders from their network drive
    • moving files into folders and the Google Classroom folder
  • Google Classroom
    • Assignment vs Announcement
    • How to find “make a copy for each student, edit and view”
    • When to use “students can edit”
    • How to edit an assignment once it has been created
    • Assignments in Google Classroom
    • Google Classroom Mobile App (for Android and Apple)
    • Flashcards
    • Jeopardy/Quiz Game

Next Steps/Action Items (Follow up items applicable to strategic goals):

  • Continue working with teachers in small groups
  • Teachers disseminate information to colleagues 
  • See teacher's Flippity (flashcards and quiz games) upon return
  • Work with teachers that ARE NOT implementing Google Classroom or Google Apps in their classes

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