Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Google Classroom's Gone Mobile!

Google Classroom took the leap and went Mobile (it can be found on the Google Play or in the App Store ).  There are some great features on it for both students and teachers! To see more information and read more about it visit A Classroom mobile app and new teacher goodies.  I downloaded the app on my Android phone and found some interesting features myself! 

As a Teacher here are some of the features you might notice: 

The App looks the same as the desktop version when you download it! 

When you open up the app you will see all of you classes listed in one column (if you are both enrolled as a student in some classes and a teacher in other ALL of your classes will be listed here).  THE FIRST TWO CLASSES I AM A STUDENT THE THIRD CLASS I AM A TEACHER

You still have MOST of the same features as the desktop version (i.e you can still create and join classes from the top right corner)

From the left three lines you can find all of your classes as well as redirect you home and find all of your assignments....If you scroll down on this screen....

You will find a your "Classroom folders" and can click to reach all of your classroom folders in the Google Drive (REMEMBER...TO MOST EFFECTIVELY USE GOOGLE CLASSROOM ON YOUR DEVICE YOU SHOULD ALSO HAVE DRIVE, DOCS, PRESENTATION AND SHEETS INSTALLED)

If you Scroll back up and click on Assignments....You will find all the assignments you (if you are a student (have completed) or you as a teacher have assigned...

AND those that you have completed.

WHAT A CLASS WOULD LOOK LIKE TO A STUDENT!! If a student were asked to go to their Google Classroom, this is what it would look like in the mobile version.

An assignment it would look like this.  They may or may not (depending on how the teacher set up the assignment) have an attachment on the instructions page and....

....On the YOUR WORK screen is where they complete their work.  

They must Click on the attachment button to upload or attach their work to the Google Classroom...Their work can be in the form of a picture, document, slide or sheet (or any other form supported by Google Drive)

I chose to create a New Doc...

When I  was done with the Doc...I clicked the Check mark in the top left corner and then went back to Google Classroom

Here I can see the document I created attached to the assignment.  If the student wants to attach more documents, spreadsheets, slides or pictures to the assignment, they only need to click "+Add attachments" 


If REALLY done, Click Turn in again.



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