Saturday, May 21, 2016

#ThingLink360 Part 2


This week I began my own personal journey with #ThingLink360.

My last blog post, ThingLink360/VRspoke to joining the #ThingLink360 Beta program and exactly what is ThingLink. (ThingLink is the leading platform for creating interactive images and videos for web, social, advertising, and educational channels. The goal is to be creative with video, text, images, music and more! Every image contains a story.)

This week I had the opportunity to use my Ricoh Theta S for the first time on a field trip with the Sloatsburg Fifth Grade Students around the Village of Sloatsburg.  After the completion of the trip, I created a #ThingLink360 as a post field trip assessment.

Sloatsburg Village Trip

This video describes how to use a #ThingLink360.  Click and hold your mouse to  move around the page.  Click the arrows to go forward and back to different other locations we went to on the field trip!

RP Connor Fifth Grade

This is another #ThingLink360 that one of Dawn Bean's IE Fifth Grader's at RP Connor has just started working on.  For this I created two documents, one for the teacher, one the students.

Create a Classroom Walkthrough

Bobby B Lewis created a classroom walkthrough.  This is a great way to describe your classroom before the beginning of the year starts.  Help alleviate anxiety, show students where items belong, etc

ThingLink Blog/Facebook Group

Finally, ThingLink offers a great blog and Facebook Group with fantastic resources.  The last blog post is full of great information - Features and Specs for 360/VR Editor.

The ThingLink 360/VR Facebook Group  is a public group with people in the Beta Test Group creating and sharing ideas.  Join and start creating today!

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