Sunday, November 15, 2015

Google Earth at RCSD

Google Earth at Viola Elementary School, RCSD

Nicole Hovsepian, an Elementary teacher at Viola, and I took her students on an adventure around the world and back in time using Google Earth this past week.  First we started in Antarctica and spoke about the land mass and why we didn't see many images, yet why we did see different postings in other languages.  Then we traveled to Chad, a location then had read about in a recent ELA story.  We traveled to the Adirondack Trail, another location read about in class and discussed why we see some images in 2D vs 3D.  We eventually traveled to Suffern and traveled back in time to the 1940's and 50's to see what the area looked like at different points along the timeline. Students found their houses and we discussed why some students could see their houses from the Google Map line and some could not.  Our last stop was to the moon.  Here students had to find one picture or object. Some students found Apollo 16 while others found other pictures. 

We wove into this one lesson ELA, Social Studies, Science and Technology skills.  The future extension for this project will be working on skills such as latitude and longitude as they now understand the rotation of the Earth, cardinal directions, etc.  

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