Monday, June 1, 2015

Montebello - June 1

On Monday, Montebello had a different spin on it's PD sessions.  Each teacher took a survey about 3 weeks ago asking their top three choices for PD session: Montebello PD Survey.

These responses were tabulated and 4 sessions were created: Google Classroom, Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Add-ons, Apps and Extensions.  Each session ran approximately 80-90 minutes with anywhere from 5-15 people in each session.

At the end of the workshops teachers were asked to complete an evaluation of the sessions.  85% of the teachers who responded to the survey stated that they felt they had a better understanding of the tools they were taught in the workshop (i.e. if they were in the Google Drive workshop, they felt that they had a better understanding of Google Drive).

Even ASI Lisa Weber made an appearance, Tweeting out some of the great work being done by the Ramapo teachers!

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