Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Help! It's June, what do I do with my Google Classroom now?

Now that we have embarked on our first year using Google Classroom, many people have been asking me, "What do I do with my Google Classroom now that the year is over?" I have hear some people say, "Do I delete my students?" or "Do I delete the class?" NO!! Google has made it even simpler than that! AND Alice Keeler has some great suggestions on creating an efficient Google Classroom for NEXT YEAR.

Archive Your Class

Google Classroom has a great feature in which you do not have to delete your classes or your students from your class year after year.  Archiving classes gives you the ability to go into the classes year after year to see the work from previous students, as well as seeing your growth from year 1 on.  ALSO this allows the students to have a living portfolio.  Students just starting on Google Classroom this year will have their classes archived from now until they graduate High School! They will be able to look back and see what their teachers have written to them and they have written to their classmates, etc. 

Assignment Template 

This idea I found in Alice Keeler's blog post Google Classroom: Share Assignments with Parents/Reuse Assignments Next Year.  An assignment template is a great idea to build consistent formatting into your assignments.  People like structure and consistency.  When given an assignment, if the assignment is formatted the same way, it will be easier for students to complete.

Numbering Assignments 

This is another idea from Alice Keeler's blog post Google Classroom: Share Assignments with Parents/Reuse Assignments Next Year.  By numbering your assignments (and then putting these assignments in a specific TEMPLATE folder, you will be able to find and reuse these assignment next year.  This is an easy naming convention and time management tool to do and create now so that next year you will not be scrambling to find your next assignment.  

Drive Folder for Parents

Depending on if you are an Elementary, Middle or High School teacher, may depend on how much and what level of Google Classroom you may share out with the parents of your students.  But one way to share what you are doing with your students' parents would be through the template folder (from above).  If/When you number your templates, these can be the documents that you share out to parents on your website.  Create a link to this folder on your website and Voila...Parent's now will be aware of the happenings in your Google Classroom, without having full access into your Google Classroom! 

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