Monday, May 4, 2015

Ed-Puzzle - How to Flip your class ... NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!!

What is Ed Puzzle? Edpuzzle  is a site that allows users to select a video and customize it by editing, cropping, recording audio, and adding questions to make an engaging presentation or lesson.  If you have never flipped a class before, this is an EASY fun innovative way to FLIP without having to record YOUR OWN videos!
Ed Puzzle includes great features such as:
  • Search and import videos from sites like:
    • YouTube**
    • Vimeo
    • TeacherTube
    • LearnZillion
    • Khan Academy
  • Record their audio track over the existing video
  • Add voice comments and insert within the video
  • Add text comments that can link to web resources
  • Insert quizzes within the video
  • Manage who in your class has watched the video, when and what scores they achieved on the embedded quizzes
  • Export videos to .mp4 or re-upload the new video (minus quizzes) to YouTube channel
  • **PLEASE NOTE--If your webfiltering has a time out feature (i.e. you have to log in to lightspeed to override Youtube and allow 15 minute override), YOU MAY HAVE PROBLEMS USING YOUTUBE 

EdPuzzle Tutorials

EdPuzzle Tour

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