Tuesday, March 10, 2015

SMS - March 10, 2015

What a pleasure it was to spend the day at SMS! Here are some of the topics that we focused on in today’s trainings:

Google Drive

Google Classroom

  • Assignment vs announcement 
  • How to have students create their own documents based off assignments you create in classroom 
  • Where do assignments go 
  • How/when to grade 
  • Submission history 

New, interesting and useful apps

  • https://getkahoot.com (great interactive site [especially for a quick review, discussion, etc] and the students do not need to have a username to log in) 
  • https://kahoot.it (Once the teacher sets up the quiz, discussion, etc. students go here and put in the pin code for the activity, type in their alias and they are ready to “play”).

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