Friday, March 6, 2015

Field Trips & Reading Logs | Google for Education on The Apps Show

As many of us know, can not only be a great teaching tool but it can also be a great professional development tool.  One of the great Google Channels that I subscribe to is called "Google for Work".

"The Google for Work YouTube Channel offers a large library of quality informational and educational videos to help you and your business get the best of Google Apps, including Google Docs, Sheets, Hangouts, Gmail and more.

In particular, the weekly series, "The Apps Show", featured every Tuesday, provides a regular and entertaining way to learn more about the useful features offered by Google Apps."

One such Weekly "App Show" focused on how to use Google Apps and Maps to plan field trips, send out communications to parents and students, and collect permission and information from them. Next, they'll demonstrate how to use Forms and Sheets to create reading logs that are easy for your students to submit, and easy for you to keep track of their progress.

Check out this "App Show" on "Field Trips & Reading Logs" starring Jordan Pedraza, a program manager in Google for Education.

Links referred to in the video:

Google for Education learning center: 
Template gallery links: 
Insert a chart into Google Sites: 

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