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Tech Tuesday - December 2, 2014

Technology Tuesday December 2, 2014- Crompond

Topic: Google Classroom/Chromebooks
Reference Material: 
Teacher(s): Mrs. Statler, Mrs. Day, Mrs. Crescimanno
Grade(s): 4

Key Notes (Summary of Interesting Points):
  • James Flanigan has helped Mrs. Day and Mrs. Statler set up their Google Classrooms and Mrs. Day and Mrs. Crescimanno invited their students but Mrs. Statler's students need to join with the code. James assisted Mrs. Statler in putting up an announcement about Thanksgiving, Mrs. Day, an announcement about technology and Mrs. Crescimanno, an assignment about technology.  
  • I walked the students through logging onto the Google Classroom and how they could also get on from home.
  • In Mrs. Statler's class, we also put up an Independent reading assignment for the students to complete tonight for homework (Read for 20 minutes and write a paragraph about what you read).  We discussed the Turn it in button when they were done with the assignment.
  • In Mrs. Day's class, I also put up an assignment for the students to complete regarding Thanksgiving ("In a FEW sentences, write about what you did on Thanksgiving.  Make sure that every sentence has a capital letter at the beginning and a punctuation mark at the end.")
  • In Mrs. Crescimanno's class after the students completed the first assignment, I created a second document in which the students were all able to edit answering the question "How would you use Google Classroom in Exploravision?" I created a table for which each student had their own row and assigned number.  They answered the question in the row.
  • In one class, I noticed that the students were posting things they thought were "funny" (i.e. "hi" or "can you see this?" etc.) for other students to see.  We discussed appropriate use of the technology.  

Next Steps/Action Items (Follow up items applicable to strategic goals):

The teachers (and students) did a great job with the use of the technology today, but I believe that further time needs to be spent in understanding the connection between Google Drive (Docs, Presentation, etc) and Google Classroom.  Teachers are unaware of how the two interact with one another (i.e. For an assignment, "Can I put the directions in the assignment (document) and then send the assignment (document) to the student?" or "How do I find the documents once the students turn them in?" or "The students have a folder? What goes in my folder? Can the student's see what's in my folder?" etc.)  Next time, I believe the best course of action for these teachers would be to have a full overview of the integration between the two tools and how they can be best utilized in the classroom environment.

Topic: Navigating Chromebooks w/ students, shortcuts/cut/paste etc.
Teacher(s): Mrs. Alessi/Mrs. Stern 
Grade(s): 5

Key Notes (Summary of Interesting Points):

  • The students understood and followed along and were able to do all of the following:
    • ctrl+alt+? = open list of available keyboard shortcuts
    • Two Finger Click
    • ctrl+c = copy
    • ctrl+x = cut
    • ctrl+v = paste
    • Sharing
    • Copying pictures into a document
    • Top row on the chromebook
    • ctrl+a = select all
    • ctrl+b = bold
    • ctrl+u = underline
    • ctrl+ i = italics
    • alt + (arrow up or down) = page up or down
    • ctrl+d = bookmark a page
    • ctrl+= zoom in
    • ctrl- = zoom out
    • ctrl+backspace= delete previous word

    Next Steps/Action Items (Follow up items applicable to strategic goals):

    The students and teachers enjoyed this lesson and the students were engaged when they were using the shortcuts (ctrl+x, ctrl+v).  These are tools that take practice and that need to be used regularly. Ctrl+alt+? will be very useful when students and teachers forget ANY shortcuts on the chromebook. For this group, they should continue using Google Classroom and use these shortcuts as often as possible.  I have seen other schools put posters up around their classrooms with the shortcuts for students to remember (if they are going to be shortcuts used on a regular basis).  This is a document with some of the most common links Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts Posters.

    Topic: Google Classroom Intro w/teachers
    Reference Material: 
    Teacher(s): Reading Specialists/AIS Teachers
    Grade(s): 4+5

    Key Notes (Summary of Interesting Points):

    • Teachers have an understanding of how to create Google Classroom and some were able to create classrooms for themselves and their students
    • Some teachers did not feel that this was the right platform for their classes (as these are pull-out/push-in Reading and AIS services)
    • We discussed the use of Google Classroom as a resource platform for students 
    • Teachers were exposed to how teachers in other schools are using Google Classroom for collaborative and individualized instruction
    • Discussion was had about how this could be used for formative assessment 
      • i.e. writing process 

    Next Steps/Action Items (Follow up items applicable to strategic goals):

    The Reading and AIS teachers had mixed feelings about their use of Google Classroom.  They felt that it could work well for certain situations but not for others (i.e. one teacher could use it for her classes while another could use it for links to resources).  As far as this department, I would be interested in following up with them in the future to see if/how they choose to integrate this into their curriculum

    OVERALL Evaluation- Next Steps/Action Items FOR NEXT SESSION:

    • In speaking with Lori Roberts, and through my observations, there is a general confusion between the connection of Google Drive and Google Classroom.  Staff may have used (and still use) Google Drive but they are confused as where they are to create assignments (in Google Classroom?), how to find them (in Google Drive), who owns the documents (in Classroom/Drive), etc.
    • My suggestions for future sessions are as follows:
      • "Google Drive and Classroom Integration: Developing your curriculum for the 21st Century Learner" 
        • Teacher centered (approximately 90-120 minute sessions) in which teachers are exposed to how Google Drive and Classroom are interconnected and how to create lessons that are student centered for individual and group instruction/engagement.
      • Work with advanced teachers to show them how to integrate apps, extensions, add-ons and other Google tools in their classes to create a more dynamic environment

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