Friday, October 3, 2014


This week's blog is brought to you from a tool called DIIGO! Diigo is a great tool for personal knowledge management which will also dramatically improve your workflow and productivity.  It is easy and intuitive, yet versatile and powerful.  In it, a teacher can import PDF files, weblinks to websites, images or notes and create groups of students (classes) to which the items can be shared with. Through an educator account (which you can learn how to create through the video below) you can learn how to more quickly automate this process rather than inputting names one at a time.  Once students can access the pdf's or websites that you have added to their group, they can go to diigolet and drag the bookmark up to their bookmarks bar.  This will then give students (and teachers) the ability to annotate, put notes, highlight, bookmark or share their information with others (i.e. their teacher or other students for collaborative work).  This is a dynamic tool especially when in Google Docs we cannot annotate and edit PDF files! HERE WE CAN! 

Diigolet ToolBar
         (4 Colors)

Also important to know this is FREE and you can apply for an EDUCATOR account which gives special protections and privacies which the regular account does not have. Below is a great video about how to go about creating your free educator account as well as other information about Diigo.  

This is another great video about creating groups in Diigo as well

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