Monday, September 15, 2014

Week Two-- WOW!!

Great successes all around! I have been in many classes this week and seen several of you implementing Google Classroom very successfully.  Great job! I have seen Alicia Conte's High School foreign language class receiving individual documents working on projects, "turning them in", while she would grade them, return the document and then the student would resubmit it for a final grade. Eileen McKegney in her Middle School Social Studies Class began her Explorer Report with her 7th grade students and Ev Johnson is using Classroom in her Information Literacy class for her first mini research project about science and history topics of their choice. This was inspirational because the students could see who turned in their work on the smart board when they completed the assignment.  To all the rest of you using Google Classroom that I did not acknowledge, please INVITE ME TO YOUR CLASS by signing up for a time to meet with me through  

This week's tip is all about EMAILGmail Priority Inbox feature helps you focus on important messages first by automatically separating your important messages from the rest of your emails. Look at the following document to see how Priority Inbox. For those of you needing more support with Gmail, please see the Technology website for more Tips. 

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