Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Google Classroom Reference Sheet

This week many of the Tuckahoe Teachers including Cathy Gmoser, Ev Johnson, Jean Heinson, Frank Greco and Melissa Vaccaro (I'm sorry if I left anyone off the list) were able to attend a workshop at Google in NYC. It was a great day of learning, discovery and interacting with other people in the region that are also working with Google Apps for Education. We learned about how different Apps, Extensions and Add ons can integrate with Google Drive and Classroom as well as some of the ideas and changes that they are looking towards making in the future.  

This was one picture that a second grade teacher created to show her students the workflow of before Google Classroom.

Now, through Google Classroom half of these steps have been eliminated.

Throughout the district I have heard a need for students especially, (as well as some staff) not fully understanding how to log on to Google Classroom as well as some of the features.  I have adapted this sheet to make it more explanatory (especially for students).  

Google Classroom Reference Sheet

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